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 We offer our players easy-to-use, free software that downloads quickly compared to other online poker rooms. Once your  download is completed, you’ll have easy access to free Texas Hold em poker games, giving you the opportunity to better learn internet poker rules against real players at no cost. You can review your poker hand history and statistics from the poker games you have played, giving you a true casino poker experience. Our software even gives you the ability to fully customize your experience with a choice of table designs and chat and avatar options. For more information and to get our free software, visit the Everest Poker software download page.


Learn How To Play Poker With Us
We’re committed to making it as easy as possible to learn the Texas Hold em Poker rules – that’s why our software allows you to learn the game of poker for free. Our free poker tutorial allows you to learn how to play an on line poker game at your own pace. This tutorial takes you through a hand of hold em poker, showing each step of poker play in detail. In addition to this tutorial, our on line poker software features an exclusive poker training room that gives players the chance to play a poker game online against three poker training robots. This can help you better understand both the rules of the game and learn poker strategy at your own pace before you play a game online. With Everest Poker, you can learn to play just like the Texas poker pros that started it all.

Online Poker Tournaments At Everest Poker

Everest Poker hosts online poker tournaments suited for players with any size bankroll. We continuously run poker tournaments for players, with buy-ins starting as low as $.04. Our single-table multiplayer poker tournaments are perfect for the player looking to learn how to play in a tournament without a big buy-in. We offer Sit & Go Casino online poker tournaments as well as scheduled events for our players. If you win poker tournaments with us, you can receive cash rewards as well as seats for live poker events around the world.

Hold’em is a poker game for two to ten players with fairly simple rules. The object is to make the best 5-card poker hand using any combination of the 2 cards dealt face down to you and the 5 common cards dealt face up on the table. Here is the flow of play:

The Dealer. Cards are dealt from the position of Dealer, which rotates clockwise around the table after each hand. The player designated as Dealer for a given hand is identified by a round “D” marker on the table. The software will automatically deal cards on behalf of the Dealer.
Blinds. To start the game, the player to the left of the Dealer puts up the Small Blind (which is usually half the minimum bet) and the player to his left posts the Big Blind (equal to the minimum bet). This gets the pot started and encourages other players to place bets. They are called “blinds” because these bets are made before any cards are seen.
The Deal. Each player is dealt two cards, called Pocket Cards, which are visible only to the player holding them.
Betting. After all players have received their two pocket cards, there is a Round of Betting starting with the player to the left of the player who posted the Big Blind. Depending on prior activity in the current hand of play, a player can fold, check, call, bet, raise or re-raise within the bounds of the Game Limits and Table Stakes. A round of betting may circle the table several times if there are raises and re-raises. The round ends when all players have either called the last bet or folded.
The Flop. Next comes the Flop, where 3 cards are dealt face-up in the common area of the table, followed by another round of betting.
The Turn. Then comes the Turn, where a 4th common card is dealt face-up next to the Flop, and a third round of betting occurs.
The River. The final common card, called the River, is placed face-up next to the Turn and is followed by the last round of betting.
The Showdown. The Showdown occurs after betting concludes. The remaining players compare the best five-card poker hands they make using any combination of their 2 pocket cards and the 5 common cards. The player with the highest hand rank takes the pot. Occasionally, two or more players will have hands of equal rank or the best possible hand is comprised using all 5 common cards. In these cases, the players involved share the pot.
Next Hand. After the pot is distributed, the Dealer button moves to the next player on the left (clockwise around the table), and the players to the left of the new Dealer post blinds so the deal for a new hand can start.

Poker STAR

is the premiere global destination that has helped millions learn to play poker online with free poker software. We’re committed to showing people how to become better players through free online poker games and low-cost real money games. The multi-national Poker STAR online community offers customer support and software in over fifteen different languages. In addition to helping people learn to play the game of poker, our online poker room offers a challenge to players at all skill levels. From the beginner who is just learning the game to the seasoned player looking to practice his or her skills or win big, you’re sure to find an online Texas Holdem poker game to suit your bankroll and poker playing ability at this online poker site.